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Absolutely disgusting service!!!!!!!!! Would not recommend to anyone! Try Jonathan David jewellers- highly recommended. My grandmother and I were looking to sell 2 rings bought for us by my late grandfather. It was a hard decision to make but they were too big and something we would never wear again. We were not selling for the cash but in search of some lovely wearable replacements. When approaching the counter at Christopher George we were half greater by a blonde who looked as if she had eaten lemons for lunch. I enquired if they purchased gold. They asked what was it I showed in my hand two full 22 ct gold full sovereign rings. I was met with a very abrupt we're only interested in the coins. We were then ushered aside whilst they took payment from another customer. Without warning or explanation an amount of '£132 each' was announced across the counter over customers toward us. I couldn't help but laugh at their offer as this wasn't even scrap gold price. Not one member of staff had asked to see the items or what our intentions were! Due to the sentiment attached to the rings it was a hard day asking people how much they were willing to pay for something that had in our hearts great value. We then continued to Jonathan David jewellers. Were we received impeccable service. Treated with respect and understanding. Found two lovely rings in their shop that we can wear everyday look at and remember my grandfather. So pleased!    21-09-13