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Pinnacle Letting Agents Cardiff

Pinnacle Letting Agents Cardiff

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Letting Agents in Cardiff - Cathays
3-5 Fanny Street, Cathays , Cardiff, CF24 4EG
+44 (0) 2920 640200

Pinnacle Letting Agents are letting and property management agents for all residential rental properties. Established in 1997, they rent houses, flats and apartments in Cardiff City Centre, the rest of the City and Cardiff Bay.
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Pinnacle Letting Agents Cardiff Reviews

I urge you, if it's either rent through Pinnacle, or go without a home.. choose the latter.

We were with Pinnacle as an agent for 3 years and we spent pretty much the entire time desperate to leave them.
From the moment we picked up the keys to our very first rental, we knew that we weren't going to have an easy time.
We firstly arrived at the property realising that one of the locks on the front door was broken. We reported the issue within 10 minutes of being in the property. The lock was NEVER fixed, even after reporting the issue 3 more times.

We immediately contacted the agent that we dealt with, she met us at the property, we walked around the property and took photos and notes.
ALL of the carpets were marked. ALL of the walls were marked, damp ridden & full of holes. A light fitting was broken. A drawer in the freezer was broken. Window seals were covered in damp/mould. The 2 cupboards that were against outside walls were full of damp/mould. The flooring in both the bathroom & kitchen were not fitted properly, were not fitted against walls, cupboards etc. so, damp had got underneath and were lifting.
Our first 2 days at the property were spent painting, professionally cleaning carpets, de-moulding most rooms and cupboards AND we replaced the flooring in full, in the bathroom & kitchen, sealed windows/ frames.. all at our own expense, as we already had word from the agent, that they nor the landlord were likely to take on any of the cleaning/repairs.

Over the course of our time as tenants, we had to report multiple repairs, many of which we had to remind Pinnacle of/ Chase, sometimes for days. We had to go over 24 hours without water to the property, until we called an emergency plumber.

Between year 1 and year 2 of our tenancy we were told that the Standing Order that we originally set up, would have to be done again (we would have rather a direct debit, but they only work with Standing Orders). After we set up the Standing order Pinnacle told us that the payment would not be made in time, so we had to transfer the funds.. a day later we noticed that not only did the transfer go through, but so did the Standing Order, after all. Once we informed Pinnacle, they told us that they would send us 1 months worth of rent back. But, they would do so using BACS. Meaning that it would take 5-7 working days.. after almost a week, the money DID land in our account. But, they accidentally sent it to us twice. They immediately noticed and hounded us to transfer some back asap using bank transfer. Funny how when they owed us, it would get to us whenever.. but when they made the mistake and we owed them money, it had to be immediate.

Finally, when we were able to sort out alternative accommodation and let Pinnacle know that we'd be vacating the property.

We were sent an email including instructions on how/where to make sure we deep clean the property. Also requesting that we film a video just prior to exiting the property for the last time, illustrating the cleanliness of the property & showing all windows, doors, cupboards, drawers & lights working as they should. The email also stated along the lines of, our deposit would be dependant on the video..
All of this goes to show that they DO NOT enter the property to clean or inspect before the next tenants take on their lease.
So, I do hope that they don't charge the landlords for any cleaning or inspections/repairs.. because we, the tenants, do that work.

After we left the property for the last time, we sent Pinnacle the video and posted the keys through their Cardiff branch postal box.
We logged in to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme website (where all deposits are kept legally now). We requested our despot back.
Weeks go past and the TDS inform us that they have not had any response from Pinnacle and that we should submit a 'statutory declaration'. TDS knew that Pinnacle would not comply.
I tried to call Pinnacle dozens of times and sent them multiple emails, asking why they had not agreed to release our deposit money back. But, to no avail.  

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I'm writing this review to warn everyone NOT to use Pinnacle! As a student, Pinnacle seemed very helpful and friendly at first however this rapidly changed once we signed our contracts. The attitude of the staff has been rude, unhelpful and ignorant. When reporting issues we struggle to get in contact through any means with any of the team as we are constantly chasing up emails and phone calls we have been promised to have a response back to.
Here are some overall problems we have encountered:
1. The house wasn't up to a standard hygiene requirement
2. Broken smoke alarm, broken hoover full of dirt and rice from previous tenants and being held together with sellotape and broken furniture (desk chair was rusted through and being held together with string)
3. Mould on the fabric wardrobes and stained curtains
4. Washing machine constantly breaking and having to wait most of the time at least a week or more to have it fixed only for it to break a couple of days later
5. Being lied to about the types of metres in the house - we were told at our viewing that all water, gas and electric were billed but in fact the electric was a PAYG metre which worked out much more expensive as it turned out we ended up paying off old tenants' debts!
6. Having a broken boiler (so without hot water or heating) for over 4 weeks in the middle of winter. After all of us chasing Pinnacle up we finally had a contractor come out WITHOUT the required 24 hour notice text and then had him let himself in to the property UNANNOUNCED and into one of the girls' bedrooms whilst she was at home on her own in bed. Obviously this was a worrying time for all tenants and now we do not feel comfortable being home on our own.

What was hardest about these issues was trying to get hold of Pinnacle to resolve them. When reporting issues we received no response through email and most phone calls we were hung up on or not contacted back. After this happened numerous times we finally got our landlord out to see the first of our problems in mid September and their response along with Pinnacle's was "that's students for you". We may be students but we are paying as adults and should be treated as so.  

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They take over 7 days to pay as opposed to the 3-4days they advertise and they take a bigger cut out of the rent than they advertise so beware all!! This is the first and las time I shall deal with pinnacle to let a 1 bed apartment. Did I mention they lose bank details? Cannot trust at all.  

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As a landlord, we have held our properties with pinnacle for over 10 years and the service is always second to none, they always seem to rent out my houses and touch wood they can continue their hard work for years to come.  
Tags: Satisfied Customer

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If you are looking for a property, please do not rent with Pinnacle! They don't even appear friendly when you let a property off them. I feel stupid renting from them in the first place.

We rented a property off them which was newly painted and all new carpets. What we didn't know was that they painted over the top of a property which was crumbling down. Within 3 months of moving in the boiler broke so we were without heating for 6 weeks for the coldest winter for 100 years!

If that wasn't bad enough, the back of the property started to leak, and eventually the back bathroom completely flooded, with horrific mould growing up the walls and tiles falling off everywhere. We complained many a time and were eventually promised that the property would be fixed over the summer, so we stuck with it because the location was second to none.

What a mistake it was sticking with them. The back of the property got worse and worse. I hated going for a shower because it meant the house would be damp for a week afterwards, not to mention the fact it was freezing cold.

It went on like this for 6 months, with door handles and light switches regularly falling off. I complained every week for a good couple of months until eventually I sought legal advice and got the council in to inspect the property. Only then did Pinnacle react and after weeks of chasing them up with huge letters, the landlord came to us himself with compensation.

The property was still never fixed until the day we moved out and we still havent heard anything of the deposit even though we moved out 7 weeks ago.

Utterly useless. Please avoid them at all costs.   

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