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Jongleurs Cardiff

Jongleurs Cardiff

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Comedy Clubs in Cardiff - Cardiff City Centre
Corner Park Place, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff, Glamorgan, CF10 3DP
0117 927 9813

Jongleurs is a leading comedy club that features a range of different talents from the world of stand-up comedy, including both new comers and famous faces. Included in the ticket price is VIP entry to Oceana nightclub where the aftershow party is held.
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Jongleurs Cardiff Reviews

Awful awful Christmas Work's night out on 12th December. Booked for 16 tickets at a cost of nearly £450 (no food included). A mixed party, mix of males and females ranging in age from early 20's to late 40's, all who have visited comedy clubs before and enjoyed.

Well, what a disappointment and quite frankly, an embarrassment to us management who organised the evening.

The issues we encountered were as follows:

Toilets – there are several issues to discuss here. Firstly, the smell that was coming up the stairs from the toilets into the area we were seated in. It was totally disgusting, thankfully we weren’t eating at the venue as there is no way I could have eaten anything with the smell as bad as it was. We complained to the manager about this and the cold, who then sent over a young lady to spray air freshener. This helped alleviate the smell for a few minutes before it returned to previous unacceptable levels. The ladies’ toilets in themselves were a total disgrace. Of the six toilets: 1 had no lock on the door, 1 had the sanitary bin placed on top of the actual toilet seat, 2 had toilet paper covering the floors (and I mean covering), 1 had faeces on the floor and both this toilet and the final one had the toilet seats covered in used toilet paper. Totally disgusting, and so disgusting I refused to use them.

Seating position – We were seated at the back of the venue, near the stairs for the toilets. Our view of the stage was obscured by two huge pillars, meaning the only way we could view the stage was by sitting in two separate groups about 10 foot apart, hardly a good start to a team night out. Furthermore, we were sat behind the main walkway so throughout the entire evening, there were security staff walking in our way and also everybody who went to the toilet walking in our view of the stage.

Heating (or lack of) - the venue was uncomfortably cold, so much so that most members of our party spent the entire evening with their coats on

Table service? - the christmas party was advertised as including table service. We had the first drink has table service but that was the only time we saw the barmaid. (bear in mind we paid £30 a ticket)

The crackers – who gives crackers at an over 18’s venue with children’s toys in them? We had a child’s toy puzzle watch and cardboard children’s bookmarks?!

The acts – firstly, the night was promoted as having 3 or 4 acts. In reality there were 2 “ comedians" plus the compare. The compare simply wasn’t funny, the only way he could get laughs was by using the f* word in every sentence he used. Of course, we expected swearing, but when the only way an act can raise a laugh is by adding in f* word after f* word, then there’s something wrong. The two acts themselves were not particularly good either, there was the use of the c* word which seemed a step too far for most, and just generally unfunny jokes. A comedy club that simply wasn’t funny.
We did try complaining on the night particularly about the heating and the smell from the toilets, hoping that perhaps we could have been moved to different seats. The manager told us that there was nothing he could do. He then saw fit to send 3 bottles of bubbly to the table - “nice touch”, we thought, until we realised we had been sent cheap sparkling perry?! What an insult.

We paid nearly £450 for our group the attend this “comedy" night. Not one member of our group enjoyed the evening, and it was a total embarrassment to me as I had booked and arranged the event. A total let down.

My advice - save your £450 and go to the local pub as I guarantee you'd have more laughs!

To add - I have logged a complaint with Jongleurs following our experience and gave them the opportunity to put things right before posting this review. However, after 4 weeks, they have come back to say all they will offer is a repeat visit (nobody from our group wants to return, ever!) and they offer a strict "no refund" policy so are unwilling to offer us any of our money back.

Seriously, think twice about ever visiting this venue! The Glee Club in Cardiff is a million times better.  
Tags: Awful, overpriced, smelly, unfunny

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Very disappointed, it was like being packed into a bingo hall, with half the seats not facing the stage! Staff were friendly enough, and comedians were OK, but they all struggled over the sound of stag/hen/squaddie parties, heckling, and shouting out, and generally talking rubbish, which ruined the evening for everyone else. We didn't eat there thankfully, as the waitresses were advising people they could only order burger's or salad as that was all the chef could manage! We ordered a bottle of wine for the interval, but were given plastic glasses as if we were children! There is a nightclub attached to the comedy club, which started banging out very loud music 10mins before the final act had finished, which was very off putting for him. To top it all off, we were made to exit through the nightclub, not allowed to leave through the main door, and made to feel as if it was a privilege to have the option of free 'VIP' entry to this meat market! Never again, stick to smaller, independent comedy clubs.  

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