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Horrendous. Ordered via ebay, with the strapline, 'next day delivery' - it was for my daughter's birthday a week later, so that mattered, a lot. 4 days later, no sign. I called spoke to the owner Nick, who advised me to open an ebay dispute so we could, 'both get our money back' and buy another camera from him which he would send to arrive the next day. I did this, over the phone. the next day, no camera - they had sent it by the same delivery method and that this second unit was no safer or speedily delivered than the first. Instead of calling me to own up, I called the shop for a tracking number, was given a fictional one, only to be told by Royal Mail no one had sent anything. He had gushed on the phone about how I would 'get a refund' for their 'mistake'. When I called to inform him we'd be buying the camera elsewhere and could I have a refund, he told me I would have to go through the Royal Mail lost items procedure before being refunded. I have now had to open a dispute via my bank, and through using a legal procedure which means he has to refund me if I cancel the contract. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY. I am £400.00 out of pocket, and I have nothing to show for it other than worry lines. Charlatan.    16-06-15
Tags: camerashop