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If it was possible to award no stars I would. We visited this establishment on 09-08-14 in order to treat our visitors to lunch whilst showing them around the bay. We orderd 4 rolls. 2 pulled pork 1 tuna and mayo and onecheese and pickle. Not too difficult an order for a place serving food one would think. The place was fairly empty for a Saturday lunch time, that should have told us all we needed to know. We ordered drinks and waited for our food, and waited and waited. 50 minutes later, following two queries regarding the delay our food was brought to the table, along with some very dirty cutlery! The pulled pork in BBQ sauce was nothing more than a roll with sauce and very little sign of pork, the cheese & pickle roll had been microwaved and the miniscule amount of cheese had melted as a result. Inedible, disgusting and an embarrassment for us and our visitors. One of our guests spoke to the manageress as I did and we were met with rudeness and the excuse that they were 'busy'. The cost of the cheese & pickle roll was refunded but we left the Waterguard upset with the poor service, disgusting quality of food and still hungry. It is fair to say we will never return.

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