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27th Nov. 2020 I was in Cardiff today with money in wallet looking to buy another lens for my DSLR most photographers can't get enough of them can we?. First port of call was Cameraland 36 Royal Arcade one of a few camera shops I've used in the past but not my favourite, but if a deal can be struck and prices beaten a deal is a deal. Now I've never thought the guy in the shop who I believe to be the owner was a very extrovert type of person more insipid like. But he's not there to be my friend is he? Anyway, looking in the window I spotted a used lens that I fancied adding to my arsenal and the note said ask inside for price/details. I have to say here before I enter the shop, that we are in strange times with this coronavirus thing. As a person with a heart condition and some respitoray issues I cannot wear a facemask and wear a lanyard with a explanation clearly written on it and on full display for all to see. I also carry medical proof from my GP explaining my exemption from wearing a mask and have been tested negative for covid. Now I enter the doorway and there is not one person within at least 8 foot of me. I was just about to enquire details of the lens but before I could finish I was told by the bossman MD Clive Brooks to leave because I wasn't wearing a mask. I tried my best to explain my situation and it fell on rude deaf ears from this guy. He rudely told me to leave stating for "our safety" I think he did recognise me from previous purchases so I said, "excuse me after the money I have spent here in past visits" and his retort was "we don't care about that". I understand the fear that the situation creates but governments guidelines states that respect and understanding should be shown to those who have good reasons not to wear face coverings. Cameraland and it's rude MD Clive Brooks clearly are lacking respect and common sense here and obviously don't need customers in times like these with a few hundred quid to spend there. They lack respectful communication to a repeat customer. Well cameraland good luck with the next lockdown and if you re-open you won't need my custom. After leaving I visited  Camera Centre UK 14-16 Morgan Arcade CF10 1AF. 029 2039 4182 This fantastic family run shop with Nick Turner at the helm greeted me with a big hello, I pointed out my situation and there wasn't the slightest issue. I have spent well over £1500 here in the last 18 months and they will always deal but if they can't they understand the customer when he says he's looking around for a better deal.  Jessops is gone, but have had a fair share of my hard earned, cameraland no longer exists on my shopping list and is one horrible place. I would not reccommend that place to anyone. Camera Centre UK now has my full attention for future purchases and I reccommend any camera user of any type/age visit Camera Centre UK Cardiff, you will not be dissapointed.

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