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I wouldn't recommend using Crouch Jewellers for repairs or ever use them again. I first gave my ring repair 30th January its now mid May I still don't have my ring. I lost a diamond when I was moving home and went to see if they could replace it.. it was sent to Glasgow, I then had a call to say 2 other diamonds were damaged I agreed to a cost of £680. My ring was returned without damaged diamonds so I have no proof that they were actually damaged- plus there was still a damaged diamond in the setting. The jeweller tried to say it wasn't damaged even the the crack was visible to the naked eye. The ring had to be repaired again and was returned to Glasgow. It's finally come back with the same crack in the diamond and I'm told they are unable to repair it plus some of the stones are loose even though I was told the ring would be built up to secure them! Appalling service - I would be ashamed to treat my customers in this fashion.

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