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If I could give these guys a minus star rating I would. Why? Read on... I ordered from their Amazon shop a Fuji 18-135 mm lens on the 22nd March 2017, paid for expedited delivery (£15.78 extra). Today 27th March 2017, after several calls and emails to them to request where exactly the lens was, they send me an email to say the order was cancelled and a refund given on the 23rd March 2017. Nothing to let me know - Amazon Orders was still showing the item as ordered and even has a Royal Mail tracking number on it and was marked ad "Dispatched" under Amazon. I called the shop yesterday, 26th March 2017, and the guy told me he was worried about the item as I had paid for expedited delivery and it had not arrived and he would look at compensation from Royal Mail! The lens was £20 cheaper from them on their website and only when I called yesterday did they admit that "it wasn't in stock". So they knowingly sold me a lens that wasn't in stock, and to cap it off took my money, apparently refunded it the day after the order (when it was marked as "Dispatched") and didn't tell me any of this. Is that any way to run a shop??!!!! I wouldn't purchase ANYTHING from this company again, online or direct after service like that.

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