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Terrible customer service. The owner of the business or at least as he presented himself was rude to the bone. After complaining about wrong product witch was sold to me 2 days prior (sim card incompatible with the top up voucher sold to me on the very same day) I've been told it's completely my fault, since I'm unable to point the staff member whom served me on that day!?.On the top of that he said that refund is impossible to be made after 10 mins past my purchase!

Even after I explained several times that I bought sim card at the same time with the top up voucher with the same guy serving me, and only realized at home that I can't top it up since they are two different mobile operators, he still insisted that it is not his fault and can't do anything to refund my credit worth of £20. Instead of offering help and trying to sort out the issue, he was being sarcastic and blamed everything on mobile operators procedures and myself, even though I specifically requested T-mobile sim card and T-mobile top up voucher. I felt awkward for the staff members when I was told to point out the person responsible which I felt uncomfortable with. What seems to be a simple mistake turned out to be a most unpleasant experience I have had for a long time.

Never going to use them again and I will make sure all friends will stay away too.   12-03-15


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