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Gender: M
Occupation: curantly out work
Family: have only small family but loving and close
Likes: artand adicted to chocolate
Dislikes: liars alergect to cherrys
Fave books: many typs
Fave films: horrors true stories
Fave music: all types but love etana(reggie)
Fave website: just started using computers ( i know sad )
Last holiday: back in my childhood its been that long but never abroad as i was born with epalepsy(but hopefully grown out of it )
More about me: im 36 feamale reciantly lost leg but getting on as still alive love to help and talk to people in futcher would like to be counciler (drugs violence abuse self harm suisidal etc etc to be there and help one person going throghh anything i have or prevent it would be great


cd1980's added a first review of Homeline - 4 out of 5
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